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The Best Classic Comic Book Movies

It seems like comic book movies have enjoyed its popularity in the past, or at the very least in prevalence. Every year there’s another blockbuster comic book movie hit, but are they really living up to our expectations? I think for the most part they are, and I think that’s why many writers are eager to take on the genre. Here are a few of the most popular comic book movies of last decade available at

“Batman Begins” stands head and shoulders with the previous batman movies. It actually explains how Bruce Wayne can beat up pretty much every bad guy he comes in contact with (due to his previous ninja training). And of course it’s always fun to see all the really cool gadgets he can buy with his millions of dollars. Even if you didn’t like the other Batman movies, give this one a chance.

“X-men” movies are probably my favorite. They are really well done, interesting, and truly action packed. You can’t help but love all the different and unique powers the heroes, and villains posses. And unlike so many movies that come out, the sequels are actually just as good, if not better then the first.

“Spiderman” movies do a really good job of making you feel like you are actually reading a comic book, and although the movies don’t follow the comic book exactly, the story lines are pretty good. Toby McGuire really plays a good nerd, I actually can see him as a nerd in high school.

“Superman Returns” was a little disappointing. I thought the other superman movies, and T.V. shows were pretty good, but the new Superman portrays Clark Kent as more of a love sick puppy then a real man. Superman is suppose to be awesome, and although he does save some lives, it seems like his main purpose was to chase Lois Lane. If you like chick flicks you’ll love it. But if you want a really great action movie, you might as well see something else.

“Unbreakable” didn’t seem to have the same popularity as these other movies, but it was actually a really good movie. It has kind of an eerie feel, and truly portrays good and evil. Bruce Willis is awesome!

“The Hulk” was one of the worse comic book movies I’ve ever seen. Not only was it really slow in developing the story, it was also not well done. Some of the scenes were done like a comic book and had more then one thing going on at a time. You weren’t exactly sure what you were suppose to be watching, or why they were even showing you more then one thing at a time.

“Daredevil” was also a little disappointing. It was a good movie, it had a good story line, and it was interesting, but it was just way too violent. Aren’t comic books mainly written for children? This movie had way too much graphic violence for me, and I would definitely not want to take little kids to see it. But if you’re into that, then you’d probably like it.