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Teeth whitening Home Remedies

People always admire those who have whiter teeth, primarily because it looks good. Getting whiter teeth is not a result of magic, it involves action.  Going to a dentist is always recommended; however, a person cannot avail a doctor’s treatment if there is no money in the pocket to spare.  And there are few who just do not have time to visit the dental clinic and few are too lazy to pay a visit. Whatever it is, visiting a clinic is not the only option and there are many other ways which might help you to whiten the teeth. One of the best ways is by using the tandenbleek thuis remedies.  Here are the few simple one:-

Use salt

This item is present in every home.  It is also a necessary element in cooking food; therefore, people will get hold of it whether it is suggested or not. In using salt to whiten one’s teeth, here’s the procedure a person would get a tooth brush prepared, scoop a spoon of that gritty salt and place it in a small container. After that, a person will take the toothbrush, slowly plunge it into the salt, then take it up and brush the teeth for at least five minutes.

Use oil

It is not difficult to get a coconut oil. Aside from its being common, it is also affordable. Poor people can easily avail it.  It is to be noted that this refers to a fresh oil; not one that is used.  The procedure is easy, all a person must do is just pour oil in a spoon, then after it is filled up, the said person will raise it up and put it in the mouth. When the oil is inside the mouth, it should be gurgled for about five minutes. A brushing of the teeth is still needed as a final step in this process.

Use a baking soda

One of the items that must be included in the teeth whitening home remedies is the baking soda. The latter is quite common; however, for those who are not familiar with it, a baking soda is a chemical salt with different practical uses. It has a white powder appearance with crystalline grains. The procedure of making teeth white with the use of a baking soda is almost the same with the procedure of whitening one’s teeth by the use of salt. In other words, a person will just dip the toothbrush in the container that has baking soda in it, and then simply brush the teeth for approximately five minutes.