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The Best Classic Comic Book Movies

It seems like comic book movies have enjoyed its popularity in the past, or at the very least in prevalence. Every year there’s another blockbuster comic book movie hit, but are they really living up to our expectations? I think for the most part they are, and I think that’s why many writers are eager to take on the genre. Here are a few of the most popular comic book movies of last decade available at

“Batman Begins” stands head and shoulders with the previous batman movies. It actually explains how Bruce Wayne can beat up pretty much every bad guy he comes in contact with (due to his previous ninja training). And of course it’s always fun to see all the really cool gadgets he can buy with his millions of dollars. Even if you didn’t like the other Batman movies, give this one a chance.

“X-men” movies are probably my favorite. They are really well done, interesting, and truly action packed. You can’t help but love all the different and unique powers the heroes, and villains posses. And unlike so many movies that come out, the sequels are actually just as good, if not better then the first.

“Spiderman” movies do a really good job of making you feel like you are actually reading a comic book, and although the movies don’t follow the comic book exactly, the story lines are pretty good. Toby McGuire really plays a good nerd, I actually can see him as a nerd in high school.

“Superman Returns” was a little disappointing. I thought the other superman movies, and T.V. shows were pretty good, but the new Superman portrays Clark Kent as more of a love sick puppy then a real man. Superman is suppose to be awesome, and although he does save some lives, it seems like his main purpose was to chase Lois Lane. If you like chick flicks you’ll love it. But if you want a really great action movie, you might as well see something else.

“Unbreakable” didn’t seem to have the same popularity as these other movies, but it was actually a really good movie. It has kind of an eerie feel, and truly portrays good and evil. Bruce Willis is awesome!

“The Hulk” was one of the worse comic book movies I’ve ever seen. Not only was it really slow in developing the story, it was also not well done. Some of the scenes were done like a comic book and had more then one thing going on at a time. You weren’t exactly sure what you were suppose to be watching, or why they were even showing you more then one thing at a time.

“Daredevil” was also a little disappointing. It was a good movie, it had a good story line, and it was interesting, but it was just way too violent. Aren’t comic books mainly written for children? This movie had way too much graphic violence for me, and I would definitely not want to take little kids to see it. But if you’re into that, then you’d probably like it.

Tips For Your Back Pain

Suffering from chronic back pain is definitely not a pleasant experience. It is important to make some changes to your habits so you can keep the pain from coming back. Go over this article for several tips you can use to make your back pain disappear.

Be very careful with your posture. A bad posture could cause a lot of pressure on your back and lead to severe back pain. Make an effort to keep your back straight and open your shoulders when you stand or walk. When you are sitting, remember that sitting at a straight angle is not a good posture. Your back should be slightly reclined but your shoulders and neck should stay aligned with your spine. Invest in some new chairs for your home and do not hesitate to ask your employer for a better office chair.

A quality mattress can keep you from experiencing chronic back pain. If you have been using the same mattress for years, you should consider investing in a new one. There are several types of orthopedic mattresses designed to improve your posture while you sleep but a brand new mattress that properly supports your back should be enough. If you cannot afford a new mattress, try placing a plank under your mattress or turning it over to get more support. Get in touch with your health insurance to find out whether or not a new mattress would be covered if it is needed for your chronic back pain.

If you are overweight, your back pain could be caused by the additional pounds in your midsection. Losing a few pounds should make a real difference. You should make some changes to your diet, for instance by eliminating foods rich in fat or sugar. Try getting more exercise, for instance by going for walks regularly. If you want to specifically target your midsection, try doing some abs for a few minutes everyday. Losing a few pounds should greatly reduce the pressure on your joints and spine. If you have a hard time with losing weight, meet with a doctor or with a nutritionist.

Building your back muscles should help you reduce your back pain but it is important that you exercise very carefully. You can efficiently build the muscles in your back by doing some push ups or pull ups at home. Activities such as swimming or archery will help you strengthen every muscle in your back and lose some weight too. Take the time to stretch carefully before and after exercises to avoid injuries and make sure you adopt a good posture for your exercises. If you feel pain while exercising, stop right away and wait until you feel better.

You should be able to get rid of your chronic back pain if you apply these different tips. Meet with your doctor if the pain persists and consider exploring different options such as surgery, medication or physical therapy if you cannot get rid of your back pain.